MT TWIRLICUP EQUINE CENTRE                    .    582 Frankland - Kojonup Rd                                            Frankland WA 6396          0417 337 385        0898 552252                    

 Family owned equine spelling/agistment and rehabilitation business in Frankland River in the Great Southern area of WA. 

Race horse spelling has become a big part of our Agistment Centre . Transport available to property gate.
Large/small paddocks. 

We accommodate for racehorses, offering a let-down regime to allow horses to safely make the transition to spelling from being in full work. Also feed horses up, to aid in the beginning of their preparation to commence work.
We also agist/spell all types of horses from the equine world.

Round Yard/60m x 20m Training arena/Barn

Alley fencing is a safety feature which we have a had success with so far, horses can see each other but not lean on fences nor touch.

Very safe when horses are in for rehabilitation and vigorous activity is not required.

Borderline High Visibility combined with electric fences. Dams and troughs available in paddocks. Summer time- all paddocks have lick blocks available for horses.

We are extremely lucky to have a large amount of room on our property.

We aim to cater for the individual needs of your horse.

I am a qualified Veterinary Nurse with an Equine Certificate. I am on my journey of learning,researching Horsemanship for the last 13 years and forwarding my knowledge onto others.

 I also have a keen interest Equine Assisted Psychology.Continuously advancing and seeking education in this field.

At Mt Twirlicup Equine Centre it's about the horse first.

If there is anything else you would like to ask feel free.

There is a contract to sign before arrival of horses.


       Round yard and 60 x 20 Training Arena for your use while you agist at Mt Twirlicup. Never ending trails to ride over property. BBQ spot on top of Mt Twirlicup with amazing views. Rope yards for your horses.

Pic below is at the bbq spot on top of Mt Twirlicup and the gorgeous fog early on a spring morning.

Loft house will be available for clients to stay in while here and will be available for visitors to the area seeking accommodation. You can being your own horses and stay for a spell......go trail riding and all facilities are at your disposal while relaxing at Mt Twirlicup Equine Centre. Will keep site updated on work in progress with Loft house.